Fiqh Books

1. Risalat al-Jami`ah
2. Safinat an-Najaa
3. Al-Muqaddimah al-Hadramiyyah
4. Matn Abi Shuja` by Abi Shuja’
5. Safwat az-Zubad
6. Yaqut an-Nafis
7. `Umdat as-Salik (Reliance of the Traveler) by Ibn Naqib al-Misri
8. Minhaj at-Talibin by Imam an-Nawawi

Usul al-Fiqh Books

1. Ar-Risalah by Imam ash-Shafi’i

Shafi Book Details


88 Responses to “Shafi’i Books”

  1. sharwani said

    i want to know about the book sharwani or sharvani i heard from somebody that the book written by imam shafi(r) please send replay

  2. Abdul Hafeez said

    i want to know is their any book of Imam Shafi available in Urdu language? Please reply.

  3. Nawawi619 said

    As Salamu Alaykum

    To answer the Sharwani question, the book I know of that Imam Sharwani wrote is the super commentary to ibn Hajar al Haytami’s exegesis of Imam Nawawi’s Minhaj at Talibin. Its called Hawashi Sharwani ala Tuhfa al Muhtaj Sharh al Minhaj at Talibin

    • hamza gulma said

      asalamu alaykuh

      I hope u r in good health. I read ur form on muritania written on the “understanding islam” website. I was hoping you could give me a bit more information.if so please contact me :

      asalamu alaykum

      hamza gulma

  4. AbdurRahman said

    Salaam aleykoum,

    I was wondering, has the usul al-Fiqh Book: Ar-Risalah by Imam ash-Shafi’i already been published in english? I cant wait to buy it. Pleas send me , if u know, an online bookstore wich sells it.


  5. iftekar kazi said

    can u pls send me some books on my address c1 3rd floor arafat co op hgs society kurla w mumbai 70

  6. iftekar kazi said

    can u pls send me some books on my address

  7. Abdullah Khan Azad said

    Dear Sir
    I am not aware with SHAFI Maslak.
    Kindly email me a soft copy of SHAFI Fiqh.
    Especialy differences between the HANFI and SHAFI Fiqah.
    It will be so helpful for me to choose the right way.

  8. Muhammad Jibreel said

    I love Imam Shafi (R.A). Imam Shafi books in Pakistan are not available. I have no money to buy books because I am a Student. Can you send me a book by Imam Shafi “Risalat al-Jami`ah” You tell me you send or not I give you my address.
    Muhammad Jibreel

  9. Abdul Hafeez said

    Assalam alaikum
    I repeat my post that, i want to know is their any book of Imam Shafi available in Urdu language? Please reply.

  10. abdulla said


  11. mohammed salmaan qadri said

    please advice how to order / procure above listed shafii fiqh books.

  12. Islam said

    As-Salamu `alaykum.

    For Usul al-Fiqh books, what about al-Mustasfa from al-Ghazali ?

    It covers many things, so i think it has its place in the listing.

  13. Nadia said

    Is there a website where I can order the Matn Abi Shuja or Risaalah online?

  14. Dr. MOhd. Zakirullah said

    I want ot read online/ Purchase hard copy of Abu Zuhra Misri’s urdu translation of Hayat-e-Shafai and Hayate nalik. any one can help in this regard from India or Pakistan

  15. Abdul Azeez said

    Imam Shafee(ral)is one of the greatest IMAM in the world.
    He is the founder of MAZHAB.
    He was known with the great name ALIMU QURAISH.
    once PROPHET MUHAMMED (SAL) imformed that there will be aScholar amoung the Quraish,that was said IMAM SHAFEE.
    He was name das MUFTI at the age of Fifteen.
    he had written 113 books on various sub title and 14 book only in ISLAM SHARIA LAWS

  16. Usman Ghani said

    Please tell me is their any book about Shafi fiqh available in Urdu language? Please reply.

  17. Usman Ghani said

    if any follower of fiqh shafi in pakistan read this message then please contact me. I want to know where and how i get books about shafi fiqh in urdu language.

    my E-mail is

  18. please visit imamshafaee,net web site for fiqh in urdu available books.

  19. Any said

    As Salaamu Alaikum,

    Respected Reader, i have a request that please tell me about website or send me reading material or complete books of Imam Shafi(R.A). Also tell me about this (in urdu)statement in detail. it is in which book? “Pak daman raho, tumhari aurten pak daman rahen gi. beshak zina qarz hay ager tu ne ise liya to adaegi tere gher walon se hogi”
    Please reply me on my email. Regards

  20. imran qadir said


    i m frm delhi can u tell me frm where i can collect imam shafai R.A books..pls help me i m very confused Allah bless u.

  21. Asslamualikum i m imran frm delhi.this is 2nd msg can u tel me frm where i can purchase imam Shafai R.A books.

  22. mohammad nour said

    Salamullah alaika brother Imran, regarding the book you ask like Umdat as-Salik (Reliance of the Traveler) by Ibn Naqib al-Misri you can purchase this from any islamic website but i don’t know if this book available in delhi, some books like
    1. Risalat al-Jami`ah
    2. Safinat an-Najaa
    3. Al-Muqaddimah al-Hadramiyyah
    4. Matn Abi Shuja` by Abi Shuja’
    5. Safwat az-Zubad
    6. Yaqut an-Nafis, you can find them in Lebanon, Syria and Jordan it can be available in Mumbai India.
    I suggest you to buy a Book name MAQASID by Imam Nawawi (Rahimahullah)or Umdat as-Salik (Reliance of the Traveler) by Ibn Naqib al-Misri this is good for those student want to study fiqh of Imam Shafie (Rahimahullahu ta’ala).

  23. Imam shafaee Foundation Mumbai Published Two Bookd in Urdu Fiqh 1. Kulasa e fiqh shafaee Musanif A Rehman Bawa Malbari and 2. Mualimuddin for children. In Mumbai available in New silver Book Agency, Bhendi Bazar Mumbai 03

  24. faisal malick said

    i want the copy of shafee books

  25. abdullah nizamani said

    how i can madhab shafii and please tell me where is shafii in pakistan and i want to fiqh shafai book in urdu

  26. abdullah nizamani said

    how i can join madhab shafii and please tell me where is shafii in pakistan and i want to fiqh shafai book in urdu

    • Dr. Mohd. Zakirulllah said

      My dear brother, it is changing of maslak(School of thought) not chnaging a religion. if u want to adopt the shafii or any maslak just obtain information about that maslak and start following those things, thats it. there will be Baptism like thing here.

      • Abdullah Nizamani said

        thank you sir i am following fiqh shafii all hamdu lillah now i have lot of books fiqh in my native language

  27. Asslamu Alaikum
    Fique-e-Shafi Mai Kitabuki Zaroorate Hai. Hamai Is mail se Bhaijdai.

    Aour Urdu Mai Books Bhute Kam Hai. Ape Loge Is per touja dai.


  28. Abduselam said

    aselamualeikum mashallah i am very happy to get this site coz i start islamic knowledge by imamu shafeyi mezhab anf i had a dream to translate to different languages of our country Ethiopia ( Habesh ) so this will help me mashallah jezakumulahu kheyrel jeza’e

  29. hidayat ullah said

    i love shafi maslik but i dont know much more about shafi maslik plz guide me…….. mashkor

  30. saturnino Dizon said

    Assalamu alaykum……can you please send me all books of imam shafie to my e-mail add.

  31. saturnino Dizon said

    send me in english with arabic version

  32. irfaan said

    Assalamu Alaikum, I am looking for the book Al-Minhaaj Of Al-Haleemi. Could it please be emailed to me.

  33. shettima shehu said

    Aslam i was looking for risallah english version to read and complement my studies in our community school.

  34. adnan al rifaie al shafiee said

    i heared that in bombay a translation of tuhfatul muhtaj is there translated by qazi ghulam ahmad tilyaie r.a

  35. Aslamo alikum
    sir please send me information about shafi maslk in urdu i jion shafi maslk but ihave no knowldge please help me ALLAH TBARK O TALA ap ko jzay khaer day
    zia ul haq farooqi

    • Azlaan said

      Assalamu alikum ziaulhaq i was also thinking to convert to shafai maslak because i like imam shafai and the shafai type of salah so how did you convert can you help me are you from india how to convert here in hyderabad india there are many shafais i am thinking to do isteqara please help me

    • Abdullah Nizamani said

      i am shafii and i have books in urdu contact me whatsapp +923423666004

  36. w aslam thank you so much please send me i am totly blind in shafi faqh ALLAH TBARK O TALA ap ko jzay khair ata farmay

  37. Walikumoslam Dr sb plese send me informaton and books of shafi maslk i will be very thanks to your kindness

  38. haris said

    aku pengen down load buku ini gimana yah

  39. azaz ansari said

    Assalalamualaikum bhai. i am from india and i am a shafa’i. but i dont know so much about shafa’i fiqh madrrasa in india where i can study the shafa’i fiqh. i clear my 12th class in 2011 and i am 21yrs old. plz help me bhai.

    • Dr. Mohd. Zakirulllah said

      Der ansari, I dont know u belong to which area and language, At Hyderabad I think there must be some shafii madarsa in Barkas area. and if u r a Keralite then there ae number of schools there in Kerala. However, I dont know the correct addresses of these madrasas.

  40. Ashfaqueahmed sharifi said

    Shortly we are lauch webside for shafaii muqallidin please advise

  41. Mushtaq Mohamed said

    Assalamu alaikkum Shahab,
    i want to know abt “Salaathunnabi”,Do u know.My friend said that it was written by Imam Shafi.Therefore i want to know that was it true?. if it is true,plz send a copy of that book in tamil English

  42. olamuhammed said

    SALAM brothers and sisters,
    pls i really want to know where i can have a free download of imam shafii books and poetries either in form of e books or PDF.
    jazakumlahu khairan jaza

  43. abdullah marshall said

    I just came home from prison, and I get a lot of understanding about Islam by reading the work by imam shafi. I would like to know if I can receive some books. I don’t have much money to buy any. May Allah reward u and all the Muslims. As-salaamu-alaikum.

  44. shittu bun abdulfatah said

    imam shafi is a grate pious scholar. And may allah forgive him ,nd crown his effort towards the projecting the sunnah of prophet muhammed. May d peace nd blessin of allah be wit him nd his companious, nd family. Amen.

  45. assalamu alaikum.
    Can you help me please?
    I need kitab umdat assalik in the doc file.
    I am a blind from indonesia, and i need to make umdat assalaik into braille. And only doc file can be translate into braille.
    If you can help me, please sand the file to may email:

  46. can any one send link or e-book of Hyate Shafaee by Abu Zahra Misri in Urdu(published in Pakistan) to my email

  47. imran said

    can someone send ebook of teachings & way of performing namaz of Imam shafi to me in urdu or hindi email

  48. Danish Lambe said

    If some wants urdu ar-risala printed copy in mumbai or soft copy of urdu or soft copy of english then please mail me on

    i m also doing online free dars of ar-risala … dars will be in 15 – 30 days …

    book is divided in to 14 chapters … some chapters need 2 – 3 days …

  49. Danish said

    If Admin Allows : I can Give Dars here too

  50. Am looking for the English version of the book التقريرآت السيدة

  51. Abu Shaheed said

    Alhamdulillah this is a marvelous site, pleas may you email me these books:MAQASID by Imam Nawawi (Rahimahullah) and Reliance of the Traveler. You can email me more books if is possible in sha Allah. Email:

    • Ziaulhaq Farooqi said

      Aslamoalikom brother i want some information about shafi fiqa like nmaz parhny ka sahe tareqa and some other hazard can you help me please actually i am newly join shafi maslak and i have nothing knowledge Allah pak ap ko jzay khair day  Regard ziaulhaq farooqi   

  52. fahmida said

    Assalamu Alaikum,
    I would like to have the opinion of Imam Shafi on Tawassul . Is it true that he had the greatest respect for Imam Ali and the Aal of the Prophet (S.A.W) , and considered them to be a means of approach to Allah and sources of guidance.
    I also like get the authenticity of this poem of Imam AS Shafi
    قَالُوا: تَرَفَّضتَ قُلتُ: کَلَّا

    مَا الَّرفضُ دینی وَ لا إعتِقادی

    لکِن تَوَلَّیتُ غَیرَ شَکٍّ

    خَیرَ إمَامٍ وَ خَیرَ هَادی

    إن کَانَ حُبُّ الوَلِیِّ رَفضاً

    فإنَّنی أرفَضُ العِبادَ[9]


    They say: You are a Rafedhi and heretic, I say: Never did I become a Rafedhi, apostasy is not my religion. But needless to say that in my heart, there is much love (and respect) for the greatest leader (Imam Ali (As). If loving Wali of Allah (the friend of God?) is Rafdh, then I’m Rafedhi of 1st rank!

  53. Tahir said

    Is zer anyone who send me the link of Matn Abi Shuja` by Abi Shuja’ englush version?


  54. Azlaan said

    I’m from hyderabad india and i’m thinking of converting to shafai maslak can anyone guide me i think i should do isteqara before taking decision am i right please help

  55. Sheikh ObaidUllah said

    Dear Fellow

    I am not aware with SHAFI Maslak.
    Kindly email me a soft copy of SHAFI Fiqh in Urdu Version.
    Especialy differences between the HANFI and SHAFI Fiqah.
    It will be so helpful for me to choose the right way.

    • Noorudheen said

      Although belated, I can’t help from saying that Definitely both ways are right. Because all 4 Imams are mujtahd mutalaq.(Well qualified to leads Muslims).

  56. Azlaan said

    You can get shafaı fıqh books lıke relıance of traveller or others lıke of ımam nawawı’s books you can get free download and ı thınk that there ıs not much dıfference between shafaı and hanafı but there are many sımılarıtıes fıamanıllah

  57. Habib shemsu said

    I want to read shafi’i book please send me the softcopy on my email jezakela

  58. Dr said

    Want to know whether marriage without parents considered in shafi Muslim

  59. Salam to all peoples related with Shafaee Maslak in the world.

    Darul-Uloom Ashra Mubashra, and Darul-Ifta-e-Islami, are first and single, Shafaee Educational Institute in Pakistan.
    Jamat Millat-e-Islami (JMI) is shfaee maslak non-political World organisation and Lead by Quaid Millat-e-Shafaiyya as Central President.

    contact for any information mentioned below address:-

    Mufti Muhammad Anees Roohani
    Chief Jurist
    Dar-ul-Ifta-e-Islami (Islamic Jurisprudence Center)
    Darul-Uloom Ashra Mubashra
    Central President
    Jamat Millat-e-Islami
    366-D, Mumtazabad Colony Multan (Pakistan)

  60. mohammed nishar said

    do you have in English version of all shafii books.

    I live in Australia
    Allaha hafiz

  61. Sasnijameel said

    İ wont shafi fiqh book tamil

  62. عدنان الرفاعي الشافعي said

    assalam o alaiekum . Please upload some shafaee fiqh books in urdu because here in pakistan lack of shafaee maslak books in urdu . If any person from india , please upload shafaee fiqh books or give some link of shafaee fiqh in urdu . Jazak ALLAH khair .

  63. Abdullah bin Osman said

    Aslaamu alai kum

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